Welcome to the Lhocke Box

Hi there and welcome to the central page of Lhocke, a.k.a. Dylan Ishihara. I'm a freelance web developer working since 2017 primarily with the MERN stack and Ruby on Rails. This site is built in TypeScript using the BlitzJS framework and ReactJS stylings are a mix of custom CSS and Tailwind CSS with a PostgreSQL Database. While you're here feel free to check out some of my previous projects, or visit my personal blog to get to know me (some posts may be behind a login for more sensitive content).

When I'm not programming I do voice-over work and stream to a small community on Twitch, where I recently celebrated my first year as an Affiliate! Outside of work or streaming you can find me spending time with my wonderful, affectionate, and demanding pup, a rescued pit mix who's been with me since he was only about 10 weeks old.

For all professional inquiries please contact [email protected] with a relevant subject line and best time to contact you.